Hop on a bus with Ballarat Arts Alive!

Ballarat Arts Alive presents exciting ArtBus tours next two Sundays featuring a wide range of our region’s artists.

Ballarat Arts Alive Artbus events


ARTBUS 8 will see us travel out to Napoleons to visit Sculptors and creators of BOAA- Biennale of Australian Art – Julie Collins & Derek John, Artist Rosalind Lawson, new collaboration between Clasch Design (Claire Schreenan)and Melinda Muscat & Fiona Sweet, the new Creative Director of Ballarat International Foto Biennale


2 thoughts on “ARTBUS 7 & ARTBUS 8

  • Sarah Lloyd from Learmonth and the Arts Hall will be on The Arts Program on Voice FM on Wednesday 15th June .

  • It was nice to meet artists, listened their stories, made few new friends. I missed 7 Art buses. A special thanks to Aldona for the ticket.

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