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Repurposing Ballarat’s bountiful heritage buildings for arts and creative industries By Ailsa B du Bois, 21st July 2013   The imaginative repurposing of heritage relevant buildings for private business use is not a new phenomenon, by any means. Hospitality venue and hairdressing salon owners have capitalized on the potential of historic buildings for some Read more about Arts Atlas[…]

WolvesChildren Art Space

Wolveschildren Art Space

The gallery was opened in 7 July 2013 by artist and former teacher Erin Bond Matheson and Luke Matheson in a former mechanics’ garage as an art and studio space and shop.

July 2011 Ballarat Arts Alive Forum at Ballarat Art Gallery

Community Forum and the creation of BAA

July 2011 “Activating and Protecting our Arts and Cultural Heritage” was a project conceived by Emma Barrance, of Arthur Creative, that culminated in a Forum of Artists on 23rd July 2011 that lead directly to the creation of Ballarat Arts Alive. What follows is the Call to Action put out to the community, The Project Read more about Community Forum and the creation of BAA[…]